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4 Steps to Steer Keyword Intent When College Blogging

Posted by Melissa Brock on June 2, 2021

Did you know that good search engine optimization (SEO) begins with excellent keywords? Sure does!

However, it goes further than that. Not only do you need to master how to use and implement excellent keywords, but you must also master keyword intent.

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Quarterly Product Update: June 2021

Posted by Raymond Babul on June 1, 2021

This quarter, we've made some key updates to the software for students and counselors alike. Let's take a look!

Product Spotlight_June 2021
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5 Habits of Highly Successful College Consultants

Posted by Brooke Daly on June 1, 2021

Let me guess. You got into the college consulting business because you want to help students, right? Then the reality of business ownership kicks in. It didn’t scare you away, but you feel pulled in many directions. Without a roadmap for success, you work on what feels right each day.

So what are the secrets of highly successful college consultants? What habits do they embrace? Let’s jump in and find out!

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The Recipe For Success for the Independent Educational Consultant

Posted by Sherri Graf on May 3, 2021

I’m not a great cook. In fact, for many years, cooking seemed like more of a chore than a hobby. My son is an excellent cook, but I think that was achieved out of necessity (kidding, sort of.) If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Food is fuel. While this is true, it is also a science. A blending of spices and temperatures and fresh ingredients all resulting in the perfect recipe. The perfect recipe is hard to find. You can peruse the internet, look through binders of recipes from days gone by, ask your friends and tear pages out of magazines but chances are, the perfect recipe is the one you’ve made dozens of times and has been tested and loved by those you are cooking for.

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The Power of Research Projects in College Admissions

Posted by Janos Perczel on January 28, 2021

Janos Perczel, former Harvard research fellow and co-founder of Polygence, discusses how research projects and working with mentors can help students stand out to universities, and the role IECs can play in this effort.

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How to Write a Rockstar Blog Post

Posted by Melissa Brock on December 4, 2020

A blank Google doc is the worst.

Especially when you’re a blogger.

But what’s even worse is not knowing the components of writing a great blog post at all. So what if you have the most beautiful, flawless writing ever? If it’s not formatted, optimized, shared and researched, nobody knows about it.

Trust me, I’ve had a blog that nobody reads. Not a great feeling.

I’ve been blogging since 2019 and have created content for many brands since 2017 and it all forced me to understand the critical components of how to write a great blog post.

Here are the secrets!

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Preparing Your Business for the IEC Industry Growth

Posted by Lisa Davis on November 6, 2020

In CollegePlannerPro's recent COVID-Impact Survey, 53% of survey participants reported business growth since the pandemic hit in March, with 19% reporting significant business growth. Citing the uncertainty and changing landscape of college admissions, less access to school counselors, and the ability to reach more students virtually, 28% of survey participants made the prediction that COVID-19's impact will have a positive financial result on their individual businesses and/or the IEC industry as a whole. 

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Survey Results: COVID-19's Impact on Independent College Consultants' Businesses

Posted by Lisa Davis on October 8, 2020

We know that 2020 is the year in which no amount of planning could have anticipated all the twists and turns since its start. While there have been challenges, there has been resilience, too. Many have made tweaks and even wholesale changes to their IEC practices. We surveyed more than 200 IECs to help tell an industry-wide story about the impact COVID has had so far and may continue to play in the future.  

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Introducing the Mobile-Responsive Student Portal

Posted by Lisa Davis on September 8, 2020

Throughout the years, one common piece of feedback we have heard from consultants like you is that students are reluctant to log in and engage with a student portal. Our goal is to make this a thing of the past. 

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Finding Your College Fit From Afar

Posted by Moira McCullough on August 4, 2020

Having been through the college admissions journey before with two older kids, one might think the 3rd time around is easier. Well, as we all know, each and every student is different and times change quickly as we have experienced in the last 6 months. With school closings and travel restrictions in place, accepted students and prospective families have had to adapt quickly and find other methods for getting a real feel and vibe of a college campus with the absence of in person tours, information sessions and college visits. My youngest is a rising senior in high school and up until this point; he has not had the opportunity to visit many colleges due to sports commitments in the fall and spring. So what now? How do students and parents connect with college campuses, their community and their students? Can you really get a vibe or feel of a campus from a virtual perspective? The answer to all these questions is – yes, you can. Grab a journal, notebook, or phone and let’s get started.

Here are 5 important tips you can pass on to the families you work with to get a better sense of college life.

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