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We’d be nothing without our members. Lucky us – they’re pretty keen on us too! Learn why over 2,000 counselors choose CollegePlannerPro to manage and grow their consulting business.

"I feel that the professionalism of utilizing the platform has greatly improved my practice and the way I am viewed by new clients."

“I have been using CollegePlannerPro for the past 3 years and have been an IEC since July 2014 (after being a school counselor for the previous 25 years). Each year I have taught myself how to use different features and each year I am so happy that I did. The platform is extremely user friendly and as a somewhat technology phobic person I feel confident taking steps to learn to use different parts of CPP. In addition, whenever I have needed tech support, even on weekends, Bridgette and her staff are always extremely quick to respond and resolve whatever issue I am facing.

From the business end I appreciate the billing, communication, and scheduling features and from the college advising end I know my clients (students/parents) appreciate how easy it is to navigate and take advantage of the many features available. This year I have started using the to-do’s and the college application deadline features and this has cut down on keeping paper records which makes my life so much easier and I am much better organized. In addition I love entering student test scores and showing them how they compare with enrolled students at the different colleges they are considering. This data used in conjunction with the Naviance scattergrams, which compare them with students from their high schools, provides useful information in helping to determine the relative competitiveness and likelihood of admission to different colleges.

As soon as a prospective client gets in touch with me and seeks my services, I set up the student account. I feel that the professionalism of utilizing CPP and creating a student’s Custom College Plan has greatly improved my practice and the way I am viewed by new clients.”

-Anne Gould, Anne Gould College Advisor
Anne Gould Educational Consultant