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The Independent Educational Consultant's Ultimate Guide

Independent educational consultants (IECs) work with prospective college students and their families to help them find a best fit college. Learn everything you need to know about this profession in our ultimate guide.

What is IECA

What is IECA?

The Independent Educational Consultants Association serves as a non-profit organization for those in private practice advising students on their educational pathways. Learn more about this organization in our comprehensive resource.

What is HECA

What is HECA?

The Higher Education Consultants Association is the only network of independent educational consultants focused exclusively on supporting high school students in their search for the right fit college. Learn more in our resource below.

Optimize IEC Practice

How to Optimize an IEC Practice

Business know-how separates educational counselors who thrive from those who cannot survive in this demanding field. We've prepared some helpful tips for how to start, grow, and optimize your independent educational consulting practice.

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2024 Pricing Survey Results eBook

We surveyed over 680 IECs to help shed light on how much independent college consultants charged clients, how they structured their services, how they collected payment for services and more.


The New IEC's Guide to CollegePlannerPro

CollegePlannerPro is a robust tool to help IECs build, structure, and grow their emerging businesses. We've highlighted our top features that will help you utilize the platform even if you are not yet working with many students.

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A Beginner's Guide to Marketing an IEC Business

This eBook was created for the IEC who is interested in launching or strengthening their brand identity, reaching more families, and growing their business.

Working Online with Students-1

A Beginner's Guide to Working Online with Students

In this guide, we explore online tools and best practices for transitioning your practice online.