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Melissa Brock, owner of College Money Tips, worked for 12 years in college admission and started freelancing on her own during lunch breaks and after student-parent meetings. She couldn't keep her hands off the keyboard and realized she needed to take her passion for higher education in a different direction. She served as a freelance contractor, then money editor for a fintech company, Benzinga, for almost four years. She was one of two individuals who formed the original lead gen team During that time, she learned the secrets to ranking posts on Google. She now runs full time and hones her SEO content writing skills by writing for a variety of companies, including Red Ventures' HigherEducation, Investopedia, Rocket Mortgage, College Ave, the Journal of College Admission, Breeze, Niche, MarketBeat, UNest and more. She also writes for independent college consultants to help them shape their blog copy. Get her free guide, 6 Secrets for Killing It With Your IEC Blog (, so you can get your posts to rank on search engines, get instant tips on how to write to your audience, get a college-based SEO roadmap and feel like you have a path to move forward with your blog. Let's get you pointed in the right direction so you post the right type of content for your prospective client audience!

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Why Use an IEC Blog to Attract Prospective Clients?

Posted by Melissa Brock on July 2, 2021

I know your type. You love meeting with families. You love working with stressed-out high schoolers who struggle to write their college essays. You're thrilled to help nervous parents through the college search process. Your kind words and encouragement make the college process so easy. And fun!

So, why would you want to spend time behind your desk writing blog posts?

Easy! The real benefit: It could make a real impact on your IEC business.

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4 Steps to Steer Keyword Intent When College Blogging

Posted by Melissa Brock on June 2, 2021

Did you know that good search engine optimization (SEO) begins with excellent keywords? Sure does!

However, it goes further than that. Not only do you need to master how to use and implement excellent keywords, but you must also master keyword intent.

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How to Write a Rockstar Blog Post

Posted by Melissa Brock on December 4, 2020

A blank Google doc is the worst.

Especially when you’re a blogger.

But what’s even worse is not knowing the components of writing a great blog post at all. So what if you have the most beautiful, flawless writing ever? If it’s not formatted, optimized, shared and researched, nobody knows about it.

Trust me, I’ve had a blog that nobody reads. Not a great feeling.

I’ve been blogging since 2019 and have created content for many brands since 2017 and it all forced me to understand the critical components of how to write a great blog post.

Here are the secrets!

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