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Chelsea Watkins

Chelsea has over 25+ years of experience with the college application and funding process, starting with teaching SAT Prep for the Princeton Review while she was earning her undergrad degree at USC. She was asked by her students to help them with their college applications and created the College Application Mastery Program (CAMP). CAMP’s goal is to train students to create their best college application with distinct individuality, minimal stress, and maximum efficiency. While the students were achieving their admissions dreams, their parents were having difficulty financially paying for college. Many of them were taking on unsustainable levels of debt, or sacrificing their retirement to send their children to college. Chelsea then became a licensed financial professional to help families plan for college without sacrificing their retirement or taking unnecessary risks. Since that time, families who follow her process can both get into and comfortably pay for college! She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and son, who was just accepted to the kindergarten of his dreams.

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Secrets of the Financial Aid System: An Insider’s Guide to Helping Families Get Maximum Money for College

Posted by Chelsea Watkins on March 5, 2018

College costs have risen exponentially, almost 200% in the last twenty years. This means that most families are unprepared to pay for college. Many turn to costly options such as expensive student loans, or pulling funds early out of retirement accounts, incurring taxes and penalties. Or they limit their school choices to less expensive in-state public schools, thus potentially missing out on a best-fit educational opportunity for their child (or children). Unfortunately, many families, especially middle and upper income families, feel resigned to paying full price. They either put off or give up other personal financial goals, such as retirement, paying off their house, or even taking a vacation. Yet, if these families learn how the financial aid system works, the types of aid available, and what action steps they can take, then they can send their children to their dream schools without sacrificing their retirement or taking unnecessary financial risk.

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