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Charlotte M Klaar, PhD, CEP is Director of Klaar College Consulting with offices in Fort Mill SC and Charlotte NC. As a nationally recognized leader in the independent educational consulting industry, she was awarded the Steven R. Antonoff Award for Professional Achievement by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) in recognition of her contributions to the profession. She has more than 25 years’ experience as an educational consultant and has taught many others the ins-and-outs of the business aspects of the profession. Dr. Klaar has served on the IECA Board of Directors and has been an active member of that organization since 1995. Charlotte taught at IECA's Summer Training Institute (formerly Practices and Principles Workshop) for more than 12 years and at the Transitioning to Private Practice Workshop, which IECA offers prior to the NACAC conference each year. She is also a member of HECA, NACAC, and SACAC. She is a Certified Educational Planner and a lifelong learner. On a personal level, Charlotte enjoys traveling, is an avid reader, crochets as often as possible, and revels in spending time with her three grandchildren. She has two cats, Vinnie and Bennie with whom she shares her home.

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How to Set Boundaries and Value Your Work as an Independent College Counselor

Posted by Charlotte Klaar on March 29, 2022
"Educators often forget that they have a right to be compensated for their expertise and should not be made to feel badly about that."

In all the years that I have taught and mentored both new consultants and school-based counselors, the one issue that has not changed is their perception that we are somehow not allowed to value our own time or experience. This is probably a result of education having been a primarily female occupation for so many years. We are taught that we must be nurturers and that what we do is more ministry than work. Hogwash!! What we must do is value ourselves and what we offer to others. It all comes down to boundaries.

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