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Utilizing student assessments as a starting point for IECs

Posted by Valerie Kaskovich on March 27, 2020

CollegePlannerPro recently hosted a webinar in conjunction with Human eSources, one of our trusted partners and the creators of the AchieveWorks® suite of assessments. Human eSources has been developing assessment tools for well over 20 years, and they have an impressive track record, to say the least. The methodologies that form the foundation of their tools have been recognized internationally, as well as received lots of acclaim from researchers and educators alike. 

In a presentation led by Susie Wood, MA, MSSW, Senior Trainer/Consultant with Human eSources, attendees were given a comprehensive overview of the assessments that make up the AchieveWorks® suite: Learning & Productivity, Intelligences, Personality, and Skills. You may be familiar with the Personality assessment's now-retired moniker, "Do What You Are". Though the name has changed, the intention is very much the same: to assist students in better understanding themselves and apply that knowledge into actionable steps.

Among webinar registrants, who were all IECs, the most common reason reported for seeking out assessments was to assist students with undecided college majors or who are struggling to align their personal talents and interests with a longer-term path - whether that be a career, a field of study, or something more abstract. Others aimed specifically to utilize assessments as a tool for transfer students, or even for adults navigating a career change. Many were also looking for a way to better connect with and relate to new students at the very beginning of the advising relationship.

The assessments can be used either individually or in conjunction with one another. While each has an ideal "age target" - the student age at which it's typically most helpful to administer the assessment - the evaluations are designed to provide insights into personal behavior, emotions, competencies, etc. regardless of the individual's social or academic experience (or lack thereof). Available in multiple languages, the assessments are not bound by language limitations that may impact student or parent comprehension.

One thing that stands out with AchieveWorks® is the level of interactivity for both student and consultant that is enabled by digital delivery. The reports utilize gamification to make both the process of completing the assessment (which takes 15-20 minutes each, maximum) and interpreting the results (which is typically facilitated by the consultant) a more engaging experience for a student. Those looking at their results can find checklists of suggested tasks to complete, allowing them to rack up "pins" and "badges" as they go. 

All in all, we're proud to integrate our platforms with Human eSources as a means of making these assessments more available to and more convenient for IECs. Assessments can be purchased by CollegePlannerPro members and non-members alike. Supplementary information on the assessments, including background theories and studies, can be found on our main website and in our Knowledge Base. To view the full webinar recording, click here.

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