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Benefits of Implementing a Student Management Software Platform

Posted by Lisa Davis on September 1, 2021
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Most companies—large, small, and everywhere in between—rely on software platforms and online tools in order to run more efficiently. For large companies, these systems are essential and the benefits seem obvious. Sharing information between departments and managing hundreds or even thousands of clients would be near impossible without tools for automation and data storage.

When operating or launching a much smaller business, such as an independent educational consulting practice, there is a greater importance placed on the cost-benefit of each tool implemented. To help with this, we’ve highlighted eight key benefits that a student management platform can provide an IEC practice.

1. Increases Productivity

The right student management platform will provide you with a centralized location to store all important student information, progress, and communication. Less time spent on administrative tasks and record-keeping means more time spent on the productivity of the business and the student experience. 

2. Streamlines and simplifies tasks

As an independent college consultant, keeping students on task throughout the college admissions process can become cumbersome and time-consuming. With an online student management software, IECs can clearly identify student progress and can simplify task management through saved templates and multi-student functionality.

3. Improved Communication

With a modern student management system like CollegePlannerPro, IECs can easily send communication to students and parents. Automated email and text alerts, two-way student texting features, and mass email communication simplify the way information is shared with families. Centralizing this communication within one platform for both students and counselors also allows for quick access to key information.

4. Efficient Scheduling

Juggling availability and confirming meeting times can quickly become unmanageable when working with students. Whether you manually schedule meetings with students or put automated scheduling tools to use, a built-in calendar system for counselors and students greatly improves scheduling efficiency.

5. Helps to Keep Track of All Students

As business grows, and IECs take on more students, keeping track of important details becomes harder to manage. Relying on a student management system that will hold both historical and current student data means that accurate and robust records can be kept.

6. Access from Anywhere

Cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. A record of everything can be kept due to its easy accessibility. Student management software platforms like CollegePlannerPro include mobile-friendly experiences for both counselors and students, which means easy access on the go.

7. Transparency with Parents Increases

Student management software also increases the transparency between parents, students, and IECs. Parents can be easily kept in the loop through automated email alerts, emailed notes, and can check on their children from time to time and keep track of their overall progress.

8. Saves Natural Resources

By implementing a cloud-based solution, IECs no longer have to rely on paper files and records. With a modern student management system, performing routine administrative tasks can be completed and recorded without paper. This leads to saving natural resources and keeps a digital audit trail of the data.

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