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Quarterly Product Update: September 2021

Posted by Raymond Babul on September 10, 2021

This quarter, we've made some key updates to the software for students and counselors alike. Let's take a look!

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Updates to CollegePlannerPro

Application Deadlines

In past seasons, application deadlines have primarily been sourced via Peterson's College Data and made available to import every August. To get vital information into your hands faster, this season the CollegePlannerPro team researched and collected over 2000 deadlines across 650 of the most popular schools on the platform.
The deadlines were released in batches, starting in the early summer, leading up to our latest release which includes the Peterson's data set. 
There are now over 2800 application deadlines available for import to your account now!

Profile Notes - Drafts are now Auto-Saved!

Drafts of Student and Parent/Contact profile notes are now automatically saved. If you accidentally navigate away from the note entry window before saving it, a draft of your message is stored while you’re logged in, for your convenience.

College Search Beta - Select All

Thanks to member feedback, we've enhanced the list-building experience in the College Search feature by incorporating a "Select All" function on the search results screen.

Other Updates

  • Broadcasts - selectively adjust logo sizes in email footers for better email aesthetics
  • Student Profile Details - expanded birth year options 
  • Scheduling - automatically scroll down the page once a day/date is selected to more easily view available time
Updates to the Student Platform

Fully mobile-responsive scheduling

We've made scheduling even easier with a fully mobile-responsive experience. From the new version, students may click on the  "Schedule with consultant" button from their dashboard or calendar pages to launch the available appointment types. The feature works on a laptop/desktop, tablet, or mobile device, making scheduling easy for students when they're at home or on the go.

Mobile friendly College Profile reports

College profile reports have also gotten an upgrade and are now accessible on a phone, tablet, or computer - giving your students the vital information they need, right at their fingertips.

Other Updates

  • Application deadlines on the Colleges tab are now clickable
  • Broadcast emails display attachments on Emails tab
  • "View removed colleges" icon updated for improved clarity
  • Calendar Interface Updates - decreased event title fonts, added start times as prefixes on events
  • Added descriptor text to "Add note" and "Add test" buttons for improved clarity