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We’d be nothing without our members. Lucky us – they’re pretty keen on us too! Learn why over 1,500 counselors choose CollegePlannerPro to manage and grow their consulting business.
  • When I position myself to prospective clients, the two biggest pieces are finding a great fit (financial, social, academic) and managing the process. When I show them CollegePlannerPro, it really sets us apart compared to others. It's unbelievable.
    Nicole Gracie
  • Strategic Admissions Advice would not be as successful as we are without CollegePlannerPro. It’s innovative, intuitive and ever-evolving. For over five years, CPP has helped us to grow from 25 clients to close to 400. Students and parents find it resourceful and our team of college coaches appreciate the ease of connectivity and wealth of information. As the Founder and President, I love the tool. Active communication with my exclusive roster of students, checklist and notes for my coaches as I scale the business and, best of all, incredible customer support.
    Shereem Herndon-Brown
    Strategic Admissions Advice
  • A significant number of my students say “wow” as they are storing documents and entering calendar items. Their use of it is very telling. They’ve told me that they trust this system more than their school system. There’s a cool factor. Students are very impressed by it and the wow factor is a really great thing.
    Rick Cameron
    Higher Ed Advisory
  • CollegePlannerPro is the best investment I’ve made in my business and it is my best selling feature (besides my witty personality) when introducing my practice to families. At family information meetings, I hand the CPP controls over to the student so they can see how easy it is to navigate. They click away on the Testing and Colleges tabs and are blown away by the information at their fingertips. I love students booking their own meetings with the Schedule a Meeting feature. The students love being in control of their list and their process. CPP is empowering for families and an awesome tool for keeping my business running smoothly.
    Colleen Reed
    American College Consulting
  • CollegePlannerPro has become an integral part of our business. The platform provides us tools to efficiently run our business and effectively serve our clients. Our favorite tools include College Comparisons Reports, Student Scheduling and the ArborBridge Testing Resource tab. We appreciate that CPP constantly improves and utilizes client feedback to initiate change.
    Kathy Cronan & Sandy McMaster
    My College Hunt, LLC
  • One of our planners had to step away due to a personal emergency and CollegePlannerPro was crucial. It enabled us to step in, open her account for every student, and see exactly where she was in the process thanks to the Checklists. We saw all conversations and all meetings planned. We never dropped one student during that process thanks to CollegePlannerPro.
    Terri Streetman
    The College Planning Center
  • I knew from the get go that CollegePlannerPro was an important tool for me. From the very beginning it’s been outstanding. It works. Customer service is great. In the beginning the team was quickly able to integrate feature requests which really felt good. Rarely am I in a position where I feel heard in that way. I love it. I’m very opinionated about CollegePlannerPro. There’s no way I could use anything else.
    Steven Mercer, Ed.D.
    Mercer Educational Consulting LLC.

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Susan Wise and Julie Carbonell were looking for a way to merge current technology and their wealth of college consulting knowledge to better support their students. See why CollegePlannerPro was just the tool they needed to launch their new business.

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"I feel that the professionalism of utilizing the platform has greatly improved my practice and the way I am viewed by new clients."

“I have been using CollegePlannerPro for the past 3 years and have been an IEC since July 2014 (after being a school counselor for the previous 25 years). Each year I have taught myself how to use different features and each year I am so happy that I did. The platform is extremely user friendly and as a somewhat technology phobic person I feel confident taking steps to learn to use different parts of CPP. In addition, whenever I have needed tech support, even on weekends, Bridgette and her staff are always extremely quick to respond and resolve whatever issue I am facing.

From the business end I appreciate the billing, communication, and scheduling features and from the college advising end I know my clients (students/parents) appreciate how easy it is to navigate and take advantage of the many features available. This year I have started using the to-do’s and the college application deadline features and this has cut down on keeping paper records which makes my life so much easier and I am much better organized. In addition I love entering student test scores and showing them how they compare with enrolled students at the different colleges they are considering. This data used in conjunction with the Naviance scattergrams, which compare them with students from their high schools, provides useful information in helping to determine the relative competitiveness and likelihood of admission to different colleges.

As soon as a prospective client gets in touch with me and seeks my services, I set up the student account. I feel that the professionalism of utilizing CPP and creating a student’s Custom College Plan has greatly improved my practice and the way I am viewed by new clients.”

-Ann Gould, Anne Gould College Advisor
Anne Gould

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