AchieveWORK® Personality, part of the AchieveWORKS suite, has been used by millions of individuals around the world to explore their personality and help them better understand themselves and others. Support confident, informed decisions about clients’ futures with suggested careers and associated college majors that have been shown to be most successful for people just like them.

People are happiest and most successful in work that allows them to use their greatest gifts, and personality is the best way to determine what those gifts are. Personality is the innate way in which people naturally see the world and make decisions. Unlike values, skills and interests, which can change over time, personality remains constant throughout a person’s life and contains a set of basic drives and motivations that can be instrumental in selecting a career.

Based on the work of Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, AchieveWORKS Personality has been written and normed specifically for students in ninth grade through college. Online and fully automated, AchieveWORKS Personality allows counselors and consultants to provide more refined, personalized guidance. Spend more time helping clients and less time figuring out a client’s strengths and challenges, connecting their career and education plans, and creating strategies to help them find more satisfaction and success in life.

Used together with AchieveWORKS Intelligences and AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity, the AchieveWORKS suite will reveal different aspects of an individual’s talents, gifts and preferences, as well as recommended careers, for an even greater understanding of each client.

Show clients college majors and career paths best suited to their 4-letter personality type

Spend more time with clients and less time administering assessments

Self-aware individuals communicate and work better with others

All of the assessments boast:



Use in any internet browser – no specific device required


See results for individuals, groups or entire populations


Live customer support for both staff and students


Secure personal portfolios for students and staff

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