AchieveWORKS® Learning & Productivity, part of the AchieveWORKS suite, shows clients what their sensory, environmental and mindset preferences are, and how those 16 preferences relate to their learning and productivity.

More than 40 years of research proves that everyone learns best in different ways and by engaging all their senses. AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity creates an awareness and understanding of personal preferences and assists in the development of multi-modal learning strategies.

Maximize learning by helping clients understand their traditional sensory learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic) and a dozen other productivity preferences.

Based on the original paper and pencil assessment developed by Dunn, Dunn and Price, AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity has been written and normed specifically for students from 6th to 12th grade. Online and fully automated, AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity allows counselors and consultants to spend more time helping clients and less time figuring out their preferences, helping improve academic performance, and creating strategies to find more satisfaction and success in school.

Used together with AchieveWORKS Personality and AchieveWORKS Intelligences, the AchieveWORKS suite will reveal different aspects of an individual’s talents, gifts and preferences for an even greater understanding of each client.

Boost clients’ test performance with improved study habits and attitude

Help create the best possible study environment

Gain time to work with clients with less assessment administration

All of the assessments boast:



Use in any internet browser – no specific device required


See results for individuals, groups or entire populations


Live customer support for both staff and students


Secure personal portfolios for students and staff

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