A CollegePlannerPro Case Study: Green Halo Scholars

Learn how a nonprofit organization is spending more time serving its students after implementing CollegePlannerPro
Green Halo Case Study

Green Halo Scholars Increasing Productivity with CollegePlannerPro

Green Halo Scholars is a nonprofit organization helping high-achieving first-generation and low-income students with applying to, attending, and completing college through one-on-one mentorship. Prior to implementing CollegePlannerPro, they were using the Google Suite to keep track of information for their scholars and spent a lot of wasted time updating it for their students and mentors. When they received the funding to expand their '21-'22 cohort, they knew they needed a better software solution to manage the larger caseload. 

"Without CollegePlannerPro, my computer might have exploded trying to load our student information spreadsheet!" Sara Miller, Program Director for Green Halo Scholars and project lead for researching and implementing CollegePlannerPro, shares how she was bogged down by time-consuming administrative tasks. Adopting the CollegePlannerPro platform has freed up countless hours for her to spend on more productive tasks such as developing programming, connecting with college partners, and getting to know their students. 

Adding Value for Student Success

It was important for the Green Halo Scholars team to find a system that not only stores and organizes information but also adds value for their students and facilitates communication between staff, mentors, students, and parents. "We wanted something that would be intuitive for our students to use while letting me provide more feedback to them throughout the process."

CollegePlannerPro allows the Green Halo Scholars team to be more proactive in their students' college searches, easily suggesting institutions for them to consider in their search. "We place the utmost importance on finding a college that is financially feasible (most of our students are 0 EFC), so it's been great to guide our students to our college partners or institutions where our alumni are attending with strong financial aid packages."

"Our students are still getting up and running, but they've been very receptive! We were worried about adding one more "thing" to their plate, but it's exciting to see them all making changes to their lists and easily keeping us in the loop."

CollegePlannerPro has allowed us to transform the way we organize our students' college searches and, in turn, given us time back to do what matters most: build relationships with our students and volunteers.

Sara Miller, Green Halo Scholars

Making CollegePlannerPro Work for Them

Although Green Halo Scholars operates similar to many independent college consulting practices, there are a few key differences in the operational setup that required a unique implementation of the platform. Students and mentors share the student-view, while the Green Halo Scholars staff handles the consultant-view. This allows mentors to be involved and benefit from CollegePlannerPro's many features while providing the final control to the management team. This also helps to make CollegePlannerPro a financially viable option for a small nonprofit organization. 

Green Halo Scholars' Favorite Features

Green Halo Scholars relies on CollegePlannerPro’s many features to help seamlessly deliver their services. This is what they had to say about some of their favorites.

College Profiles

College Profiles
"The college profiles are incredible. It's so helpful to have everything in one spot instead of trying to navigate hundreds of college websites for basic information."

File Sharing

"One thing that's been really helpful for us is being able to add documents to the library for all of our students. It's cut back on the number of emails that we send and helped us stay organized and more on top of things."

Student Profile Organization

Student Profile Organization
"With everything in one spot, we're able to spend less time updating spreadsheets and more time developing programs and workshops, connecting with supporters and volunteers, and ultimately, more face-to-face time with our students."